Joan Pellicer. La saviesa de les nostres plantes [The Wisdom of our Plants]

Touring exhibit

Joan Pellicer i Bataller (1947 ‒ 2007), a doctor by training, began a vast research project in the eighties in view of the risk of losing common knowledge about Valencian flora and vegetation, concentrating on the central regions of Valencia, his cherished Diània, in which he rigorously documents the culture of plants and puts them into context thanks to his knowledge of folk medicine, literature and classical myths.

Ignored by the academic world, he was a great populariser with a very personal style and vocabulary. Among his works are "Customari Botànic", with which he won the first edition of the Bernat Capó Prize for the Diffusion of Popular Culture (1999), the works "Meravelles de Diània: camins, paratges" and "Paisatges de les comarques centrals valencianes" (1995 and 2007), and "De la Mariola a la mar" (1997), in which he combines a chronicle of his travels, a transcription of his conversations with the locals, landscape descriptions, among others. All in all, an authentic geopoetry of the territory.

Above all else, there is an intimate coherence between Joan Pellicer’s life and his scientific work. His sudden death in 2007 interrupted an original research project. We still have an enormous ethnobotanical work that the Museu Valencià d'Etnologia wishes to present in this exhibition.