El colom, la nória i la volantinera

Información de interés
Destinatarios y número de participantes:
Alumnos de 3º a 6º de Primaria y 1º y 2º de la ESO
Un mínimo de 10 y un máximo de 60
Dos horas.
Teléfono: 963 883 578 - Fax: 963 883 632
Horario: de lunes a viernes de 8.30 a 14h. 
It is an educational activity based on the exhibition viscuda Ciutat , devoted to showing various aspects of traditional society in the Valencian cities .
The proposal is an educational workshop on traditional toys in which students , distributed in small groups , you will need to paint and assemble a wooden toy that is pre- punched . The workshop will be complemented by a guided visit to the Museum . We have created three different models of toys.
Development of Activity
It consists of two parts: the first students take a tour of the room The viscuda Ciutat , in which special emphasis on the different aspects of the world of childhood is visiting . This tour lasts half an hour.
Then the group will have another half hour to have lunch in the courtyard of the Cultural Center . In the second part of the activity, the participants go to the room where the educational workshop built in groups , one of three toys that have been assigned. At the end of the workshop, each group (not each student ) may carry the toy did . For all have an hour.