“Huerta” & Marshlands

Permanent exhibition

A large part of the Valencian population lives, coexists and works in the narrow strip of the Valencian territory occupied by huertas [irrigated vegetable gardens] and marshlands. It is not surprising, therefore, that it is here where a very significant sector of our traditional culture has developed. The permanent exhibition hall dedicated to Huerta & Marjal aims to show visitors the interpretative keys to this traditional culture, highlighting the peculiarities and similarities regarding the Mediterranean area to which we belong.

The exhibition shows the inevitable transformation that traditional culture has been forced to undergo, within a world where the cultural references themselves are being constantly redefined. The permanent exhibition hall Huerta & Marjal is divided into two core sections: one focused on concepts; the other one, on objects.

The tour is completed with an interactive space.


The first section — focused on concepts — is aimed to direct the visitor's gaze towards a series of ideas the museum considers to be important to understand popular culture in huertas and marshlands: the particularities of the construction of the space, the importance of water management, the ecological idiosyncrasies, the different types of housing and their use, the wide variety of crops and their focus on commerce, the construction of a closely-knit family identity, gradually giving way to identity formulas which are more generic and globalised.

In the objects exhibition hall, arranged as if it were a museum storehouse, you can see a sizeable portion of the objects from the Museu Valencià d'Etnologia collection linked to the huerta and the marshland. A sample of the extraordinary variety of tools, household objects, those related to popular religion, and garments used by the men and women who still live in these spaces, which even today they occasionally use as they go about their daily chores.

Finally, the interactive space has been designed to give visitors the opportunity to delve into the numerous materials (life stories, photographs and objects), which constitute the museum’s document repository.  In this exhibition hall, visitors can access, through interactive screens, interviews with people who talk about the huerta and the marshland, the photographic collection or the cataloguing cards for the objects in the collection. The museum regularly updates the new documents that have been added to its collection, in an effort to make the curators' daily work available to the public.