Concerts "Suite Himalaya". Piano & Sound Architecture

Concerts “Suite Himalaya. Piano et Sound Architecture”. Foto: Catherine Borel
28 and 30 September
28 Sep
28 Sep
"Suite Himalaya" is a musical composition created by Dominique Barthassat, Swiss composer and pianist, whose origin is in the soundscape, created by the same author, the exhibition "Visions de l'Himàlaia Alteralitat a les col • MEN leccions ". 
In the last room of the exhibition the visitor is plunged into darkness through a soundscape that transports musically Himalayan environments perceived as a passenger inside a train. 
The development of this composition has led to the "Suite Himalaya". Piano & Sound Architecture. This four-movement musical dialogue between the piano and the spatial soundscape evokes a journey from the Gangetic plain to higher peaks Himàlaia. 
The circular partition creates an immersive effect at 360 ° combines three planes, spatial sound design - bond of atmosphere - an instrumental and symphonic orchestration and an ethnographic dimension instrumenatrium sounds of India, Tibet and China . 
The piano, in the tradition of the great concerto repertoire, talks with circular alternating between playing with the keyboard and strings partition. 
In counterpoint to the music, choreography with different yoga postures Asanas creates a unique aesthetic universe, between tradition and contemporaneity archetype. 
The "Himalaya Suite" created in Valencia inaugurated a series of four works by the composer to be the object of a journey in India in 2015 with an innovative concept of concert titled "Live Sound Navigator". This type of multi-action concert takes place in several areas, offering the public the Opportunities to move freely in space.
Dominique Barthassat, Piano Sound and Architecture 
S. Cosmin Iancu (Living Yoga Valencian), choreography Āsana 
September 28 at 13:30 
September 30 at 19:00 
Place: Salò Alfons el Magnànim
Duration: about 70 minutes. 
In collaboration with: 
Alcoreo Switzerland 
Nicolas Yazgi, Curator of the exhibition