ENROL.La ciudad y sus habitantes

Información de interés
Destinatarios y número de participantes:
Alumnos de 3º y 4º de ESO, Bachillerato y Formación Profesional.
Un mínimo de 8 y un máximo de 40.
Dos horas.
Teléfono: 963 883 578 - Fax: 963 883 632
Horario: de lunes a viernes de 8.30 a 14h. 
It is an educational activity based on the exhibition viscuda Ciutat , devoted to showing various aspects of traditional society in the Valencian cities .
Enrol aims to provide the student with a number of ideas , by an activity of discovery and a card game on the urban society of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, in order to be able to establish criteria for comparison between his own reality and that to which he refers exposure.
Development of Activity
It consists of three parts: the first is distributed to the players in pairs, which have to complete a record of specific questions about a particular area of exposure.
In the second participants , in pairs , playing Enrol . Conceived as a board game consisting of a board and two different decks of cards. One of them consists of 68 cards with 17 representative characters of traditional Valencian society , ie , each character is composed of four cards , each of which has a part of the life of that character . The objective of the game is to collect the maximum number of characters joining the four corresponding letters to each of them .
The third and final part , the activity provides an extension of content when participants establish a criterion of evaluation and classification of the characters based on the stories that everyone has requested .